Sunday, September 2, 2007

Saturday Night Karaoke

NO, not me! I don't sing, can't carry a tune in a bucket. Charlie and I joined Faith and Trena at the Sticky Wicket on Madison last night for Karaoke night. Trena discovered this little bar in a strip mall on Madison and found out they have Karaoke night Friday and Saturday night. Trena loves to fact she sings pretty well. She's been telling me how she likes this place because it's not a "meat market" everyone is there to have a good time and are really friendly. She said she feels comfortable going by herself when she's bored and has nothing else going.
Faith has a beautiful voice, but she wasn't quite ready to sing much.
We got there around 9 or so, Faith and Trena were just starting to sing a song, I think it was one by the Judds. At that time there weren't too many people there yet. They did a decent job with the song. We got our drinks and settled in. Trena is right, the place is very low key, no one dressed to impress or out looking to fact most of the people there were middle age. Most of the people singing couldn't carry a tune either. Most fractured those songs something terrible, but they were having a good time and no one cared if you could sing or not. Everyone got a big applause when they were done. There were four or five people who really could sing and it was fun listening to them. We couldn't convince Faith to get up and sing.. she has a beautiful voice but was reluctant to sing by herself. Trena, after a couple of glasses of wine was right in there. I was tempted, but didn't. I thought as bad as some sang, I could do just as bad a job. Maybe next time.. a few glasses of wine or something...
Anyone who likes to sing, this is the place.. totally unpretentious,relaxed and no one cares whether you can sing or not... lots of fun.

Sticky Wicket
5147 Madison Ave

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Anonymous said...

Take me with next time!

The last time I participated in Karoke was at my sons wedding. My sis, daughter-in-law, her step-mom, and lots of other gal relatives (and me too)did "girls just wanna have fu-en". I can't sing anymore..but after a few glasses of wine I got up there!

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