Friday, August 31, 2007

Update on 2nd Saturday at Nine 27

I got an E-mail today from Gina Lucia letting me know what is on schedule at her salon for 2nd Saturday.
She says "some info on the artists showing! I'm very excited, they are 4 women who are friends that paint together & like to show together They title themselves "no expiration date", love there energy & art, each uniquely different, yet all fabulous artists.
Carrie Claudia Iudice, Joan sexton, Anje Olmstead, Donna Chapman are the artists on September 8th. This will be a big 2nd Saturday ,for there is a festival going on at 18th & capital, should be a big crowd.
I also have two very knowledgeable skin care specialists joining Nine27 beginning on the 1st, Anna Eparza, & Tish Vargas. They really know there stuff, Tish is the brazilian waxing & eyelash extension queen, & Anna flares more on micro dermabrasion, & LED photo Rejuvination. Gotta check these ladies out!! Also look for Nine 27's launch on our own skin care line, coming soon!"
Sounds like an interesting time and great things to come... I want to check out the eyelash extensions and micro dermabrasion. Check out her Salon, she just opened a couple of months ago so good things are begining to happen... great stylists there too! Check out Linda and Gina.

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Anonymous said...

Let me know how those extensions work for ya.

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