Monday, September 3, 2007

Isn't it good to be busy?

Sunday night we thought we'd give Plan B a try. Late Sunday night seemed like a good time since we thought things would have calmed down by then. I called and found out they closed at 9:00pm, we got there around 8:30 (we couldn't get there any earlier). We were told that they were no longer serving. I think the guy who gave us this information was one of the owners. He said that they have had a very long weekend and he was very sorry. He did looked totally exhausted, BUT ... if closing is at 9 don't you serve until 9 ? Is that unreasonable? I know that place has been totally slammed since the review by Mike Dunne BUT... I thought that was the nature of the business.. and it's a good thing to be so busy upon first opening isn't it? OK, I was starving and it irritated me just a little, obviously but I'll give then the benefit of the doubt and figure they were just not ready to be this busy this soon. I will try again one of these days at an earlier time and probably won't be able to get in... It's nice to finally have a good restaurant in this area and it's not Chinese or Japanese.
Maybe it will encourage more upscale restaurants to come into the area.

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I hear Scotts Seafood is going into the new hotel in our area!!

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