Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Logan's Roadhouse

We were shopping in Natomas so decided to try the newly opened Logan's Roadhouse. It is a steak and ribs place. They have a big wagon of peanuts you can help yourself to if you eat the bucket on your table and a jukebox that is free. The peanut shells you just chuck on the floor.
The menu runs to steaks and ribs. They have barbecued chicken, some seafood,and hamburgers. They have a full bar.
We ordered drinks and ate a few peanuts while we waited, they brought a basket of yeast rolls. They were the best thing on the menu. Big soft warm pillows brushed with butter and butter on
ribs and a choice of grilled or fried shrimp.. she had the grilled. She also got a choice of a side, she had a baked potato with everything. She said hers was just OK. I loved my hamburger, I thought it was really good.
Prime Rib is served on Friday and Saturday nights. They also have Rib eye,New York,Top Sirloin and T-bone steaks. They have like I said a couple of fish entrees and chicken. For the sides there are Baked Sweet Potato,Mac and Cheese, Baked Potato, and a few other items.
Like I said, I really liked my dinner, Sue was so-so. We both agreed the rolls and the onions were good.. especially the rolls.. I'd go back just for those.

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