Wednesday, August 22, 2007

OZ Korean Barbecue

Yes, we are eating again. This time we are at OZ Korean Barbecue. The occasion is to celebrate Sue, Chris, and my birthdays. We are running a little late this year since our birthdays were in June and July.. but what the heck, any time is a good time to get together and eat.
We got there around 7 and the first thing you notice as you walk in is that it is hot. The receptionist asks if we want a barbecue table or a regular table. Of course we want the barbecue table so we were told it would be about 5 minutes or so. No problem since one of our party hadn't arrived yet. The foyer of the restaurant is kind of pretty. The walls are painted in a mural of mountains and trees and one wall has wall hangings-it says OZ.
We were led to our table and it was really hot in the dining room. I guess because of the barbecue grills on the tables. You would think they'd crank up the AC, especially on such a hot day. After we were seated (Chris still hadn't arrived) we looked over the menu and found that Tuesdays were All You Can Eat for $16.99. That was a combination of prime beef short rib,pork belly(uncured bacon),prime beef brisket, and chicken. As Mare was looking at the picture of the all you can eat plate, she comments that everything looks like it's raw. We all started laughing because, Hello.. there is a grill in the middle of the table. We got a good laugh out of that one. With that you get steamed rice and all the sides. Kim Chee, pickled jalapeno peppers, marinated bean sprouts, spinach with mashed up tofu (that's the best I can describe it)and another condiment. I don't know what it was but it was red with chili sauce and had some kind of pickled vegetable in there. It was good and spicy whatever it was.It also came with a shredded cabbage salad which was refreshing. While we waited for Chris to arrive(she finally left the office) we ordered appetizers of crab won ton and pot stickers. Chris arrived just as the appetizers were being put on the table. The crab won ton was your typical crab with cream cheese filling. The pot stickers were had a beef and vegetable filling.. pretty pedestrian. Mare and Nance had ordered the Salad Bowl before we knew that salad was included. It was a bowl of lettuce and other veggies.. it wasn't as good as the cabbage salad. We also had a cold spicy noodle dish, which I don't know the name of.

I ordered a beer, they list American beers but only carry Korean or Japanese beer. It was a large bottle of Asahi which I guess was a good thing since it was so darned hot in there. Everyone else had iced tea and we all had lots of iced water.

The platter of meat arrived and the waitress turned on the grill.. OK now it's about 20 degrees hotter, we were all literally "glistening".
We proceeded to lay the meat on the grill, it didn't seem like the meat was cooking very quickly so we asked the waitress if she could turn it up a little. She turned it up a little which didn't make a lot of difference so we cranked it up some more ourselves. Now we were cooking!
We grilled the Galbi (beef short rib), pork, chicken and brisket. It smelled so good we couldn't wait until everything was cooked. They give you kitchen shears to cut the meat into manageable pieces which is a good idea but they need to provide more shears. One for 5 people wasn't enough. Our meat was cooked now and we could finally begin eating.. and it was so-o good! All the meats were marinated in a Teriyaki sauce and it was really good. All the meats were very tender and flavorful. I think we were creating too much smoke since we turned up our grill because every time our waitress came by she would turn down the grill. Which of course slowed down our cooking and we'd turn the grill back up again. I think we actually ate the whole first plate of meats there were one piece of each meat for each person. We did order another plate of the Galbi and pork belly and then Chris orders another plate of the Galbi and Beef brisket.. why I don't know since we were so full. We cooked everything up between the waitress turning down our grill. We asked if we could get a to go box, but no.. since it was all you can eat we weren't allowed to take any of the meat home. So we did the best we could to eat some of it. Actually we did have a couple of take out containers for the noodles so we snuck some of the meat into the containers and got to take some of the meat home... though we were not supposed to. We kind of rolled out of there,but we all thought everything was very good. It is a very interactive meal and a fun way to share a meal. All the meats were tender and delicious. I would definitely go back, but I think it will be when it is a lot cooler outside.

OZ Korean Barbecue
3343 Bradshaw Rd

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