Thursday, August 23, 2007


"RECHARGE,REFRESH,RENEW!" That is Robeks' motto.

Robeks is a new juice bar on Freeport Blvd/Sutterville Rd in the strip mall there with Blockbuster Video and Starbucks. It is very good.
They have all kinds of smoothies and freezes to which you can add different additives. The additives are free with any Smoothie. They have Powerbek-"natural energizer with ginseng",Vitabek-"100%DV of 20 vitamins and minerals", Kidbek-"essential support for growing kids"etc. They have Power Smoothies with names like,Venice Burner,Cardio Cooler,Pro Arobek etc.
Today I tried the Acai Energizer-(Acai is a Brazillian fruit loaded with antioxidants,omegas,amino acids, fiber and protein.)Acai,strawberries,blueberries,pineapple sherbet,apple juice,non fat yogurt,ice Powerbek and soy protein. I also added some vitbek into the mix. It's really good. Now how much more virtuous can you get. Check them out it's a good way to get a healthy drink that really tastes good.
The owners are Ron and Lissette Henry. You'll find Ron there in the morning and usually Lissette is there in the afternoon and evenings. They are both really nice and will help explain all their additives and what they can do for you. Plus they sell protein powder and some of the additives.

4400 Freeport Blvd #140

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