Tuesday, August 28, 2007

2nd Saturday

The Nine Twenty Seven Salon & Spa located at 927 20th St will be showing paintings during the event. I just had my hair cut there and it is a beautiful space.
Gina Lucia (isn't that a great name?) is the owner/stylist there and she always puts on a great 2nd Saturday event.. I heard that there may even be Taiko Drummers.
Check out her place.


Anonymous said...

I live in upstate New York and I used to have my hair cut by a girl, Gina Lucia. She disappeared and I could never find her again. Best hair cut I ever had! If you see her again please find out if she is one in the same.

Anonymous said...

Gina Lucia...sounds like an Italian dish alright.

Eileen and Karen said...

for anonymous: Gina isn't from upstate NY.. but she's a great stylist, you should make an appt. with her and check it out.

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