Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Giant

My granddaughter and I were at Nugget Market the other day looking for Sweet Chili Sauce. Of course it was on the very top shelf in the international foods isle. It was about 3ft above my head (I'm really short). I even tried lifting my granddaughter up but she's already almost as tall as I am so that didn't work. I really contemplated climbing up the shelving but they didn't look all that sturdy. I could just see all the bottles and jars of sauces come crashing down. I have to say though, that I am known to climb on shelves when I can't find a grocery person to help me. As I was standing there trying to find someone to reach it (isn't that the way it always goes, there is never any help around when you need it?) this huge guy comes walking down the isle and stops right by my chili sauce. I mean this guy was at least 6'6 if not taller and he wasn't skinny by any means. I tapped him on the back.. that was a stretch, but otherwise I would have had to goose him since I came up to about his waist. I asked him to please get the chili sauce down for me which he did. My granddaughter all this time was standing there with a funny look on her face. After he left and we were walking to the check out she turns to me and says "Dang, grandma he looked like he could eat you!" I was almost rolling on the floor laughing.. but he did look like a giant. I could just see him dressed in "fairytale" giant clothes. From the mouths of babes..

If you see a short Asian woman climbing on shelves at the grocery store come by and say Hello.. it's probably me.

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Anonymous said...

Oh God..LOL!!!!!!!!

I can so relate..as you know.

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