Saturday, October 27, 2012

INCANTO and meeting Chef Chris Cosentino

I have been wanting to try Incanto for a long time.  Finally I made it!  My friend Mel and my sister Jeanne and I all went to dinner at Incanto and we were so excited.   As we were standing in the waiting area to be seated I spotted Chef Chris Cosentino.  I took a couple of candid shots of him which didn't come out too clear since he barely ever was still.
  Mel passed Chef Cosentino in the hall and asked if she could take his picture...he was supper busy and he said "no, later".   Our waitress said that he was really stressed (which we could see) since he won Top Chef the restaurant had been slammed.  She said he was very nice and would be glad to take a picture with us after our dinner.  
Looking over the menu it was hard to decide what we wanted, everything looked so good.  We noticed that as an entree they had one of the entrees he made on Top Chef  "The apology Letter". But since Foie Gras was also part of the dish and it's now outlawed in California Chef Cosentino renamed his dish "Half Assed Apology." Also the appetizer specials that night were the other "letters" that were part of  his challenge on Top Chef.   There was the Love Letter, the Letter to Self and the Thank you.
Chef Cosentino is also known for his Salumi.  He has a Salumi shop at the Ferry Building called Boccalone.  We started with his Salumi platter, country pate, head cheese, ham, prosciutto crudo.

Salumi platter
Our other appetizers were the Love Letter- Beef Heart Tartare with crispy tendon, Letter to myself- Blood sausage, poached oysters and fried egg. Thank you Letter- Spicy tripe.  

Thank you letter

Letter to myself

Love Letter
Our entrees was the Half Assed Apology- seared scallops, uni and lardo in a sinfully rich sauce.  It was such a rich dish I could only eat half of it.  Brought the rest home and had it for breakfast and it was just as good if not better.
"Half Assed Apology"
 Of course desert- Jeanne had the bread pudding, I can't remember what kind it was but I remember it had a goat cheese ice cream and I had the Dark chocolate crema, meyer lemon and salted shortbread
Dark chocolate crema, Meyer lemon and salted shortbread

bread pudding
Yes, we pigged out!  Everything was so good, no wonder these helped him win Top Chef.
We all want to go back again and try his Leg of Beast.
Yes, as busy as he was he did come out after we were done with dinner and graciously took this picture with us.  He was very nice....I have a celebrity chef crush!

1550 Church Street (Noe Valley)
San Francisco  CA  94131
415 641 4500


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