Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gordon Ramsay Steak @ Paris Las Vegas

 I have to say I was totally impressed by Gordon Ramsay.  With all his yelling and cussing and carrying on,on his TV shows I often wondered if he really was a world class chef... the answer YES!  His food is amazing.
You can't miss his restaurant on the casino floor.  As you walk through the front door you walk into a tube, the girl that seated us said he wanted it to look and give the feel of the London "tube".

   As you step into the dining room you can't help but notice the neon sculpture hanging in the middle of the restaurant.  We were told that it was a rendition of Ramsay's hands as he cooks.  They took pictures of his hand and created the sculpture.  The decor is red.. like Hell's Kitchen.

 There is an open kitchen and a mezzanine dining area.
At first it can be a little pretentious, they present a steak cart and explain the different cuts of beef and the difference between the Kobe and the Prime.  They also present you with a red envelope which has the tasting menu which is all of Ramsay's signature dishes.  If you choose the tasting menu your awarded with the menu to take home which has a picture of Gordon Ramsay on the opposite page.  Really?  Do I want a picture of Gordon Ramsay for spending a lot of money on the tasting menu?  And yes, next time I go I will be trying the tasting menu, this time I wasn't hungry enough to try it... it looked amazing.  They also present you with an iPAD that lists all the drinks with pictures and everything.. unless your familiar with the iPAD it's a little confusing.  After you get through all that the rest is a total amazing dining experience.
What we started with was the Smoked Beef Tartare.. It  is served under a glass dome filled with smoke.  I started to take a picture but the waiter lifted the dome before I could take a picture.  The smoke fills the room with a wonderful smokey barbecue scent. The tartare also has the capers, red onions  and Guinness infused mustard seed and is served with home made potato chips instead of the usual bread.  I had the Sonoma Farms Foie Gras, seared and served with strawberry jam and English muffins.  Both were delicious.. we looked up from our dishes and went "wow".

Beef Wellington
   We then had the Beef Wellington for two.. a fillet of beef with foie gras and mushroom duxelle wrapped in a puff pastry served withe glazed root vegetables, pureed potatoes and a red wine reduction.  This is one of Ramsay's signature dishes and it was very good.  I do have to say mine is better.  We also had a side of the sauteed mushrooms with garlic chips and bonito flakes.  This was my least favorite.  I didn't like the bonito flakes on top, too fishy.  After we got past the bonito flakes (my husband loved them so he got them all) it was better.
Of course dessert.. for me it was a toss up between the Caramel Banoffee or the Sticky Toffee Pudding.. I went with the pudding and I'm so glad I did.  My husband opted for the cheese plate which I didn't try but looked good and he was enjoying it immensely.
Great meal!  Yes, Gordon Ramsay can be a jerk on TV but he is a world class restaurateur.
We plan to go again the next time we are in Vegas.

Gordon Ramsay Steak
Paris  Las Vegas

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