Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Harley's Goat Farm and Dairy

" Harley Farms is a restored 1910 dairy farm, with 200 alpine goats on nine acres of pasture in Pescadero, California. The farm grew from six pet goats to today's herd, with their delicious, critically-acclaimed cheese. In 2011 we bought neighboring fields and a historic barn, which we will restore gradually."
Over the weekend we took a trip to Harley's Goat farm and dairy in Pescadero California.  A working dairy where they make the most amazing goat cheese.
First we assembled with the rest of the tour group and were given a history of the farm and what we would be seeing.  Then we were turned out into the pasture with the female goats.  They are all friendly and curious and adorable.  There was one goat that still had her baby with her.  After spending time with the goats we were taken into the barn where the goats are fed then into the milking room.
We were then led into the cheese making room where they explained the process of making the goat cheese and the kids were able to make cheese.  At the end we went into the gift shop where there were two tables of all the different types of goat cheese they produce that we were able to taste.  Delicious!

Ari and one of of the breeding goats

Lana laughing as a goat follows her

milking room

Whey being drained from the curd

Whey. The whey is fed  back to the goats

the kids making cheese

Goat cheese creation

table and chairs made from a tree that fell on the property

hand made chairs

tasting the different types of goat cheese
Harley's Goat Farm
205 North Street
Pescadero  CA   94060
Harley's Goat Farm

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