Monday, October 31, 2011


 Sunday Catherine and I went to San Francisco to the Taste of Hawaii.  Chef Alan Wong and food historian Arnold Hiura were the guest speakers.  The event was being held at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center. 
Arnold Hiura was the first speaker, talking about the history of Hawaiian food and all the different culture that came together to make up the food we now think of as Hawaiian.  He was both entertaining and informative.  A lot of what he spoke of I could relate to having relatives in Hawaii and also being
of Japanese decent  most of the foods he spoke of were familiar to me and brought back a lot of memories. of the foods we identify with Hawaii was a staple in our home.  Fried Spam with rice was and is a comfort food for me.
Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Portuguese, Puerto Rican and of course the different Pacific Islanders plus other cultures that made up the culture of Hawaii and thus it's food.
Chef Wong explained his take on Hawaiian food, how he takes the traditional and tweaks it. Chef Wong is also responsible along with other chefs for the local and sustainable movement in Hawaii.
Chef Wong demonstrated his dish of Soy Panna Cotta with sea food.  The panna cotta was made with soy milk to which gelatin was added, this when chilled was his take on soft tofu.  On top of the panna cotta he added uni, poke tuna, salmon eggs, and micro greens. 

soy panna cotta with sea food salad
clam and shrimp with lemon grass broth (as best as I can remember)
 These were 3 of the dishes by Chef Wong.  There was also a buffet of Hawaiian foods

Ahi Poke, Koge (toasted) rice, Chinese Chicken Salad, Teriyaki Beef, white rice, Kalua Pork, Sesame Chicken

Chef Alan Wong and myself
Chef Alan Wong's new cookbook
Arnold Hiura and Chef Alan Wong book signing
Dinner was delicious as were the dishes by Alan Wong.  His restaurant is my "have to go to" when I'm in Hawaii.  It was nice to meet him and Arnold Hiura. Kau Kau is the book by Hiura, about the cuisine and culture in the Hawaiian Islands.  A very enjoyable evening.


Michelle said...

It was great meeting both you at the FoodBuzz Festival this past weekend! Hawaiian food is my favorite cuisine; looks like that was a great event too :)

Nikki said...

It was nice having dinner with you both on Friday night! Hope you had a great weekend with the rest of the events!

Mariko said...

Oooo. Now, why didn't they have this event in Hawaii too?

I love Alan Wong's as well. Wish I could eat there more often. :)

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