Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seconds at Blue Plate

Remember when Oliver in "Great Expectations"asked, 'Please sir, may I have more'? That's exactly how I felt after eating at The Blue Plate last Friday...So Gil & I went back for more this past Sat. and this time we invited Wendy & Ray where we celebrated Wendy's birthday. We ordered just about the same things...and Wendy agreed with me that the house-made mozzarella, grilled romaine, & pork belly starters were delish! Also, this time around, Gil had the fried chicken for his entree & it was um-um good! Here's what we ordered that was different this time around:

Slow-cooked pork shoulder, current spaetzle, king trumpet mushrooms, baby carrots, stroganoff gravy
(Wendy & I shared this entree & I just loved, loved it!!!!)

Dessert! Carmelized Apple Sundae
(Perfect ending to another wonderful dinner!!!!)
Yours truly, Karen

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