Thursday, June 2, 2011

Newton Fruit Thins

I love getting food packages in the mail.  I just received a bag of Newton Fruit Thins as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program.
We all know and love Fig Newtons but these are a new take on the old cookie. The bag I received was the Honey and Fig cookie. These cookies are made from whole wheat flour and have a texture similar to a shortbread cookie.  They have bits of fruit in them and have a slightly spiced flavor.  I wasn't quite sure just by the looks of them but I found I liked them because of the texture and because they were not too sweet.
They would pair well with coffee or tea.  The cookies also come in blueberry and raspberry flavors.  I love raspberries so I think I will get a bag those the next time I'm in the store.
Nutrition wise they are not too bad either.  3 cookies (and they are good sized) equal a serving.  140 calories  and 45 from fat.   Plus being whole grain wheat flour it makes you fee a little more virtuous eating these.
They are good.  Next time your looking for cookies, pick up a bag of Newton Fruit Thins.


CocoandCoffee said...

Those look delicious! That also makes me curious about the foodbuzz program! I found your blog as a common interest in my profile! Please read and if you like follow =) I also share a passion for food especially for local restaurants. BTW are those cookies in stores??

Eileen and Karen said...

As far as I know the cookies are in the store. When I get an item through Foodbuzz so far I've always been able to find the item in the stores.

Belledajour said...

I am hooked on them. They aren't very sweet and they are crunchy. They are big and if you are looking for a gooey chewy cookie don't buy these. They are very
very much like a guilty pleasure without the guilt.Have just seen the blueberry have been devouring the cranberry.

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