Saturday, April 30, 2011

SACTOMOFO- Mobile Food Truck Festival

So, after waiting for this Food Truck Festival it has finally arrived.  Today gourmet food trucks from Sacramento and San Francisco and other vendors descended on Fremont Park in the heart of Sacramento.  The purpose for the festival was to show the city that it is something that Sacramento needs and wants and to change the ordinance that would allow a food truck to park for more than just half an hour at a time in the city limits.  A few of the new food trucks in town have been Tweeting their location but once half an hour is up they have to move, often leaving customers having to either wait for the next location Tweet or find another means for lunch.  Hopefully the sucess of this festival will help change the minds of the powers that be.  And a sucess it was! I think on think on the news I heard 9,000 people?  I believe it.  I don't think there were any lines for any of the trucks that didn't run into the 2 hour time frame.  2 hours for a sandwich, some Indian food, Chinese, Korean..Yes, Yes, and Yes and maybe even longer for some of the more famous trucks from San Francisco.  Spencer on the go had to pack up after just a few hours after running out of food.  Several other truck were crossing off items on their menus as things began to run out.  I know some of the volunteers even went on supply runs to stock some of the trucks.
Most impressive is that with all those people there were no problems.. no one really complained about the long wait in line, everyone was friendly and curtious and mostly we made new friends having to stand in line for so long together.  Most of the time we joked about how many steps we'd advanced in half an hour and where we started from and where we were now in relationship to the truck and how many more hours did we think it would take to actually be able to place our order.
I went with 3 of my friends and we all stood line at different trucks and met after we got our orders and shared our loot.  All the food was great.  Chicken Masala burrito and chick pea and chicken curry from Curry it Up, Chorizo tacos and beef tacos from La Piedad, a Bahn mi sandwich from Mama Kims, and pulled pork and mac and cheese grilled cheese sandwich and Korean Beef grilled cheeese sandwich from Drewski's Hot Rod.  I wish the lines were not so long only because I really wanted to try some of the other trucks.
Here are just some random shots from the festival

Good job to all those who worked so hard to organize this event.  It turned out to be a great sucess.
I think next year they need a larger venue, more trucks and maybe a 2 day event.

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'Round the Chuckbox said...

While I'm sympathetic to the cause of the food trucks, I'm not sure I would've stood in live for two hours. As a chef who works several blocks from Fremond Park, I'd like to see the city relax the rules for food trucks.

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