Monday, April 18, 2011

Friends from High School..40 Yrs

Now that I've sufficiently recovered from my food and drink induced hangover, I can relate that our reunion party was a great success!   This is how it began... one night Chris, Karen and I were sitting around having wine, probably a few too many.  We had just had our 40th high school reunion a few months back, we were talking about the friends we didn't see there.  This began Karen thinking that it would be fun to invite our girlfriends that didn't attend the reunion to a "reunion" party.  We thought it was a good idea, pitched it to our other friends and that got the ball rolling.
We started trying to find out how to contact friends that we hadn't seen for a lot of years.  We got our list of  people together and Karen did an e-vite to everyone we could contact. We got 5 people attending and we are sorry that the others couldn't make it and that we couldn't contact more people on our list, it would have been great to see them.
Of course there was food..lots and lots of food and drinks.  As the hostesses, we made the deserts and the main dishes and had our guest bring salads or appetizers.  As you can see we had a table full!

 And of course we had to have deserts..Chocolate mousse tarts, Raspberry trifle and Butter mochi.

Mare was gracious enough to open her home to us and it was a perfect day for dining outside. I'm sure the neighbors were wondering what all the noise was, we aren't known for being quiet and with 10 women all talking at the same time I'm sure we were pretty loud.  It was fun catching up with everyone, how many kids, grand kids and whether or not they are retired yet,etc.  One big surprise was that Sally and I live on the same street..Dorset.  When they put the freeway(I-5) through years ago Dorset got divided up into three separate streets.  Turns out Sally lives on the Dorset on the other side of the freeway from me.  For thirty some odd years we've lived just blocks apart and had never seen each other until today.  That is the strangest thing.  You'd think we would have bumped into each other at the grocery store or bank or even at the schools which I think both our kids attended.  I told her next time she rides her bike down our street, ring her bell at me.
Thanks to Karen and her bright idea, otherwise this would never have taken place.  It was fun, I really enjoyed seeing everyone.  I hope that now we can keep in touch more often.

Group shot

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Kimberly said...

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