Sunday, May 9, 2010


We went to Evan's Kitchen on Saturday night for an early Mother's Day dinner. I had heard good things about Evan's and after looking at the menu online I decided it would be a good place to take Mom. Any more she has a hard time comprehending what she reads so Evan's was a good choice since it has homey foods that I knew she would recognize and know. I've heard some negative things about the decor of Evan's but I thought it was cute and homey looking, it fit the type of food they cook. We had reservations for 5:30pm so I was surprised to see how busy they were for that early in the evening. We were quickly seated and as we looked over the extensive menu we were brought hot bread and butter. You don't get hot bread anymore in restaurants, these were hot, like right out of the oven hot. It was the best. We helped Mom pick out what she wanted for dinner, which happened to be Chicken Pot Pie. After orders were taken things got a little slow. Mom has become very impatient about waiting for things, like a little kid. She ordered her food and she wanted it now. I had to keep explaining that we would get our appetizers first. We had ordered the Lamb Lollipops and the Calamari. My mother loves lamb so this was perfect. I think this was the best dish we had. The lamb was perfectly cooked and had a nice reduction over it. The Calamari was good, but I'm not a fan of Calamari strips..too thick. It had a nice crunchy coating and a nice aoli and cocktail sauce to accompany it. Soup or salad followed, my sister Jeanne had the clam chowder which she said was OK. Salads were nice and fresh and my mother ate the whole thing.
Entrees followed, my mother's Chicken Pot Pie, Jeanne had the Chicken Fried Steak, I had the Stuffed Bistro Filet and Charlie had the Porter House special. My mother liked the pot pie, though by then she was getting full. The rest of us thought our entrees were good but nothing special.
Then of course Mom had to have desert and she is a chocoholic. They had a lava cake so that was perfect and though she was going to split it with Jeanne, since Jeanne was full she ate the whole thing! Charlie and I split the bread pudding which was good, but for me it had too many nuts and raisins.
All in all it was a nice dinner and my mother enjoyed it. I don't know that I'd go back there for dinner unless taking my mother but I would like to try their breakfast or brunch.
Chicken Pot Pie

Stuffed Bistro Filet
Jeanne and Mom


Unknown said...

I have heard good things about Evans. Maybe they have a new cook?

undercover caterer said...

Try breakfast. The eggs benedict and the biscuits and gravy are good.

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