Thursday, April 8, 2010


Tonight was the grand opening of the Pinkberry at Howe 'bout Arden. Pinkberry will also be opening stores in Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, Davis, Fair Oaks and Folsom. Here is a little history about Pinkberry; it opened in West Hollywood in 2005 and reinvented frozen yogurt with it's unique tart taste. It has become the "it" yogurt and is known for it's premium ingredients and it's numerous toppings and fruit that is fresh cut daily and compliments the flavors of the yogurt. The flavors are the original, a sweet tangy flavor (my favorite), Pomegranate, made from 100% California grown pomegranate juice, Coconut made with real coconut puree, Chocolate which has a deep rich chocolate flavor, and Mango which is a blend of mango and the original Pinkberry flavor.
Back to the opening- Myself and several food bloggers friends plus friends of the owner and other foodie people, politicians, and media were all invited to the VIP opening that was held in an event tent in the parking lot adjacent to the Pinkberry store. After checking in we (Chris and I) went into the tent and a DJ was spinning tunes, they had a make-up area where you could get made up ( I didn't understand that) one of those photo booths you go into and take pictures that are printed on a souvenir Pinkberry photo card. Down the center was a long table with all the toppings available. Fresh fruits, strawberries, blue berries, pineapples, and more plus chocolate chips, coconut flakes, honey roasted sun flower seeds, captain crunch and tons of other toppings. There was also a Sparkling cider bar. Waiters and Waitresses would walk through with different flavors of the yogurt. I ate the original which I found to be my favorite, had a few bites of chocolate, coconut, and mango. All were very good with a nice fresh taste with that slight tart flavor. It was fun mixing and matching toppings to compliment the different flavors of the yogurt. Chris and I got there early so it was easy to get the different flavored yogurts but later in the evening there were so many people in the event area that the poor waiters barely made it to the tent before their trays were wiped clean. I think that was the only complaint I heard was that there wasn't any yogurt to be had unless you strategically placed yourself in the area where the yogurt was being delivered. I even saw a couple of the waitresses come out with "body guards" to protect them so they could actually make it into the tent to serve the people who were still in there. Everyone else seemed to have spilled out onto the parking lot to socialize, have their pictures taken by the various photographers and lay in wait for the delivery of the yogurt. It was funny watching the people watching and waiting to see a waiter and then making a beeline for them before the tray was empty. OK, yes I was guilty of that too.
At the store they were giving away free yogurt to the public and the line stretched the whole length of the building. I don't know that I would stand in line that long for free yogurt or anything else for that matter. Paul compared the opening to the opening of Crispy Creme donuts. I hope it has better luck than Crispy Creme
Yes, Pinkberry is very good. I think it is the best frozen yogurt that I've had and does live up to all the hype. It was a fun evening. Go to this site to learn more about the Pinkberry in Sacramento. PINKBERRY SWIRLS INTO SACRAMENTO - Pinkberry -
Here are a few pictures of the evening.

Chris and a special delivery
Ron Graves, CEO of Pinkberry and Tariq Munir owner of the Pinkberry franchises in this area being interviewed by KCRA
Chris posing with her Pinkberry

Me with my yogurt

chocolate Pinkberry with toppings

the DJ

the tables of toppings
inside the event tent

the event tent

Pinkberry at Howe 'bout Arden
2100 Arden Wy

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