Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I decided to try the Etouffee sauce tonight, this rainy cold night seemed perfect for it. According to the directions all you need to do is add chicken or shrimp or both. I wasn't familiar with Etouffee so I looked up a recipe and other than the roux the recipe calls for bell peppers,onions and green onions and celery. I decided to add these to the basic sauce. I first sauteed the onions with a little EVOO and then added the jar of Etouffee sauce with a half a jar of water as according to directions (chicken stock would be good too). The sauce seemed basically like a roux that is then thinned out with the water. At first taste I wasn't really optimistic that this was going to taste good. I simmered the sauce with the vegetables for about 20 min. then added about a cup or so of chicken cut into bite size pieces and simmered until the chicken was almost done then added a pound shrimp and simmered until the shrimp was cooked through. As typical I served the Etouffee over rice.
Much to my pleasant surprise it was very good. I guess the simmering with the vegetables and chicken and shrimp brought out a lot of flavor. I sprinkled a little of the Slap Ya Mama seasoning over since I thought it needed a little more salt. I really liked it and I would recommend it for a fast hearty meal. Just add a tossed salad and you've got a complete meal.


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

This must be violently-named food blog week. I posted some pics a few days ago of things like Ass Kickin' Taco Seasoning and Whoop-Ass steak sauce. Good Heavens, what is food trying to do us?

Glad your sauce was a pleasant surprise even though early on you weren't so sure. :)

Anonymous said...

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