Monday, December 7, 2009

C2 Steak House at Cache Creek Casino

Sunday night we thought we'd drive out to Cache Creek Casino and try their steak house. We'd been to Cache Creek once years ago when it first opened but it was so crowded that we never went back. Now that it's expanded, added free valet parking and the economy being what it is we thought we'd go back and try it out. The steak house there is called C2 (C squared). It was very quiet in there Sunday night, not too busy. The decor is more modern than the typical steak house but it still is warm with wood but has a very upscale feel but comfortable. We were seated right away and given the regular menu, the menu for the dinner for two special, the wine list and the wine list specials, it was Franciscan that night. The menu was a cool surprise.. it was lit. You open it up and the pages lit up!! It was great, easy to read in a dim room (for us old folks). Too cool. Our waiter came up as soon as we were seated and asked if we were ready to order or if we needed more time. We said we needed more time. We were brought our water and bread and here comes the waiter again asking if we were ready.. I finally told him no we were just seated so give us a few minutes. We first decided on the special for two but found out that the Prime Rib was medium at best so we had to change our decision. So, we ended up ordering off the menu. We started with the Stuffed Chicken Wing, chicken wing stuffed with chorizo sausage and deep fried served with a chili lime sauce. I ordered the Capay Valley Chopped Salad and Charlie ordered the Caesar Salad. Both the salads were huge! The chopped salad could easily have fed two and the Caesar could easily have fed four. There were good, it's too bad salad doesn't hold up or we would have brought them home. Entrees were the Porterhouse for Charlie and the Delmonico for me. Now I had always been told the Delmonico was a bone in NY steak, but here it was a ribeye,no bone. All the steaks are USDA Prime and very good.
For the side I chose the Tempura Green Beans.. it was terrible. Most of the batter had fallen off the beans and it was super greasy. Charlie had the sauteed mushrooms which were good. Desert was the Warm Peach Cobbler, which was OK but the crust was doughy underneath and really unappetizing. I wasn't super impressed, it was good but nothing outstanding. I think of all the Indian Casino steak houses that we've tried Red Hawk is my favorite, though the Ribeye at Thunder Valley is really good. Plus, it's a long way to Cache least an hours drive through Woodland, and Esparto, 2 lane roads and if you get behind a slow driver it could take forever as there are very few passing lanes. I don't think I'd like to take that drive very often.

The lit page of our menu
Crispy Angel Wings

The huge Caesar Salad
The Capay Chopped Salad

Delmonico Steak, Tempura Green Beans, Sauteed Mushrooms and Porterhouse Steak

Warm Peach Crisp

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