Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wine Tasting Amador

Karen and I at Sobon Winery
Saturday Karen and Gil came up from San Francisco to go wine tasting with Charlie and I. Gil and Charlie don't drink wine, this was Karen and my thing. We headed up Jackson Hwy to Amador County. Our first stop was at Renwood for a few tastes of their wonderful wine then on to the Shenandoah Winery where Karen bought a case of wine for Christmas gifts and I bought a couple of bottles. Then we hit Sobon Winery where we tasted more wine and bought a few more bottles..and ate some Brie and bread that Karen brought.. at that point we needed something to soak up some of the wine that we drank. We then headed toward Fairplay which has a ton of wineries ( I think we should have started out earlier) we didn't have any particular destination in mind. There were several signs for wineries and we just took a random one and it turned out to be the best!

This is the proprietor/winemaker/brew master at our last stop the Barkley Homestead/Barkley~Wilhelm Vineyards. I never did get his name but what a kick he was!
Homestead is a B&B with a tasting room out in the middle of no where it seemed. We weren't sure we were even on the right road but there it was. Cute place but even better wine and beer. He is one of the few if only person up in that area that makes a Cabernet. He had us do a vertical tasting of different vintages (what they were I couldn't tell you after all the wine we drank that day) but for sure I know it was the '03 that was the best. He also has Old vine zins, Petite Sirahs and Sirahs. He also brews beer.. that day he was featuring Twisted Blonde I had a taste and it was so good! Plus the wine maker was so hospitable, funny and fun. He wasn't just about pouring wine, though he could tell you anything you wanted to know about his wines and beer, he was just totally engaging about everything. We were there for quite a while just talking to him and another couple who had decided to stay the night at the B&B. That was a great ending to our day, he just made it. We left with bottles of his Cab and some beer. Check out his Barkley Homestead Bed and Breakfast, Barkley Historic Homestead, Sierra Wine Country
After leaving there we headed to the Restaurant Taste, so we would be able to get a seat if not in the main dining room then at least in the bar area for dinner. We got there just as they opened and we were able to get a seat and have dinner in the bar. Karen and Gil hadn't been there before but they enjoyed the meal and want to go back.
What a great day, Karen thinks we should make this a yearly outing and I agree.

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