Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tacos de Pescados

I love fish tacos and had been wanting to make them, so finally tonight I did. I used red snapper, but you can use any white fish you favor. I bought Mi Abuelita's tortillas, these are great since they are thicker than the regular corn tortillas and don't fall apart.
I used chili adobo as the rub for the fish and also for the sauce. I used only one chili which I pureed with a clove of garlic, the rest of the can I portion out to be frozen. I used about a teaspoon of this and mixed it with about 3/4 C mayonnaise and a little lime juice. You can use as much or as little of the adobo to suit your taste.
I salt and peppered the fish fillet and rubbed both sides with the left over adobo. I then grilled the fish. As accompaniments I shredded cabbage and chopped up some tomatoes. To assemble put a little of the sauce on the tortilla top with fish, cabbage and tomatoes and squirt with lime,top with a little(or a lot) more sauce. Enjoy!!

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