Wednesday, July 8, 2009

6/30/09- Tracy Arm Fjiord

Today we will be going through the inside straight..through the glaciers. The ship will go into the straight then turn around a sail back out so that each side of ship gets to see both sides of the straight. We wake up to a cold foggy morning. I went out onto the balcony to snap these pictures and hurried back in. Normally a sweat shirt is enough but today I put on my heavy jacket. As I stood out there the scenery was so beautiful. After standing outside for a while I had to go in and thaw out. This is the coldest weather we have had. We had our coffee and just kept watching the scenery go by. I put on my gloves and jacket and headed back to the balcony. I was waiting for the glaciers. The first one I saw was beautiful, actually it was just a piece of a glacier and as we slowly made our way down the straight we saw more and more ice flows and a lot of seals catching a ride. Tianna was interested for a while but after a few pieces of ice she headed back inside to watch a movie probably Mamma Mia which was on every day in 9 different languages.
This is what everyone was waiting to see. The actual glacier. The tire track looking markings are from the dirt and debris from the mountains as the glacier shifts and moves. It was so awesome to see. Everyone was out on their balconies or at the windows. I saw on of the tenders head out and they were fishing for glacier ice. If they were able to get one they were going to make an ice carving out of it. I think they did get one, I saw them trying to pull something up.
After spending a good portion of the day watching ice flow by we decided to to check out the line dancing class. Tonight was country western night on the Centrum dance floor.
This was fun, there were only about 5 of us out there but we learned a couple of steps.. this could have been the Achy Breaks or Boot Scootin Boogey.. it's a lot harder than it looks.
Time for dinner, we had a casual night. We decided that since everyone dresses way more casual than expected we decided jeans with a nice top and heels would be just fine. Tonight I had the smoked duck salad, the shrimp and scallop gratin and Indian food.. I don't know what it was called but it was an eggplant dish and Tianna had the pasta. The Indian dish was really good, they redeemed themselves.
After dinner and before desert all the waiters put on a dance show for us.Then it was time to put our dancing lesson skills to the test. We went down to the dance floor to see what was going on.

Some where here we are out boot scootin.. the cruise director and his staff put on a fun dance night. After dancing off dinner Tianna and I headed to the theater to catch a comedy act. The shows they put on every night was really good. Jeanne, my sister headed off to bed. Actually for not doing much all day I was also tired.. I slept so well on this vacation. I think it was the lack of stress... nothing to think about but what to eat or see..


Anonymous said...

Tracy Arm is by far the most scenic trip there is. On my trip I saw unbelievable calving glaciers, bears, humpback whales, killer whales, beautiful waterfalls and much more. I definitely recommend going to Tracy Arm. In fact, there is a movie on Tracy Arm called "Alaska, The Tracy Arm Experience". The film captures the beauty of this incredible place. You can buy the film here from Film Baby:

I highly recommend Tracy Arm. If you get a chance, experience it yourself. And don't forget to buy the film too!

catharine said...

One of the best days of my life was the day I spent in Tracy Arm a few ears ago. I saw it all - bears, eagles, seals, whales, icebergs and glaciers. The blue ice was the thing I liked best - though everything was amazing! I put some photos up on my site:

I think anyone who goes there will enjoy the experience.

Looks like you followed you day with good food!


Anonymous said...

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