Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Our 3rd day and first day into Alaska. Icy Straight Point..a tiny fishing village. I think if it were not for the tourism there probably wouldn't be a town here any more. Our bus driver said fishing was the primary industry but with the high fuel cost and the low cost of the fish many cannot make a living fishing any longer and are doing what ever they can to make a living. Which in the winter has to be very hard when they have huge amounts of snow and the temperature dips well below zero. We had to take a tender to the dock and there was a large "barn" like structure with all kinds of souvenirs, a crab shack, and another restaurant. We walked a little ways and there was a little kiosk where you could get a ticket for a tram to town. We took the tram which let us off at one of the buildings in town. We just walked around for a while at the docks and around town, which was was really small.
the docks
view of part of the town
our fresh crab lunch..we saw them unloading the crabs as we docked the tender in town.
After we toured bought souvenirs we headed back to the ship. The weather was decent, no rain and not overly cold. We went to the Solarium which was warm but Tianna jumped into the pool and right back out again. She said the water was too cold.
Tonight they had a tribute to the 70's. We caught this show on the main dance floor after dinner.. This was the cruise director's staff as the "Village People".. it was a great show. Later that evening Tianna and I went to the Magic show. The show was very good..as we found most of the shows to be. Jeanne went to bed.. she slept and slept and slept!!! Here she had been complaining of insomnia and once on board I guess all the stress just sailed away and she caught up on all the sleep she missed. Tomorrow we will be going through Tracy Arm Fiord..inside passage and should be seeing glaciers.

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Unknown said...

What a great little village. Loved the pics in the passage.

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