Monday, June 15, 2009


I think I finally recovered.. I'm sure Karen hasn't. This past weekend my girlfriend Karen had a huge graduation party for her son who graduated high school. I told her I would help her cook. For my contribution I made Asian Pesto Salad, Hoisin/lemongrass ribs, and beef and green bean Thai curry. I made these at home and took them with me out to Milbrae. I was luck and was able to catch a ride with Nance and Mike.. I hate driving out to the Bay Area. It was fun we left early and stopped at the Black Oak for breakfast then headed to Karen's. Once at Karen's we were put to work prepping food, arranging flower making sure all the decorations were in order and serving stations set up.. a full day. It wasn't that hectic until the last minute of course, when guests start arriving and the food has to be ready to go. Mike got grill duty along with Andrew. Nance was busy with the flowers and decorations and of course I was in the kitchen.
Besides the food items I made there was also tri-tip, fried chicken wings, Thai salmon curry, Asian noodle salad, fish salad, Chinese Chicken Salad, grilled skewered chicken and shrimp, Salmon egg rolls, dim sum items (home made), and a bunch more food items that I can't even remember along with cookies and 2 cakes..lots and lots of wine, beer, soda etc.
There were at least 75 people if not more that attended and everyone had a wonderful time and got to take home boxes of left overs.
Karen's sisters in law and sister stayed until the very end helping us clean up. We sat around until midnight winding down and drinking wine all the while poor Gil, Karen's husband was doing more dishes. After everyone left we helped Gil put away even more of the left overs and Karen and I went to bed leaving Gil with more clean up. He's such a good guy doing so much work! I think I fell into a coma as soon as I hit the bed.
Of course the next morning we munched on leftovers.. I've never been so full in my life!
Now the family is off to China in a few days.. I wish I got kind of a grad gift!
Getting ready for the party:
The party:
The food:
my contributions: Asian Pesto Salad, Hoisin/Lemongrass Ribs, Thai Green Bean,Beef Curry

Me,Karen,Nance and Andrew

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