Sunday, May 31, 2009


Saturday night The Sacramento Epicureans hosted an Indian cooking class taught by Shankari Easwaran. Mel of Cooking Schmooking...No Problem and I went early since Mel had volunteered to help prep. There were about 11 or 12 of us attending the class, a great group of women who were all a lot of fun. The menu for the evening was Chicken Pakoda, Carrot Salad, Cumin Rice, Chicken Curry and Mango Lassi. This was a demonstration class with Shankari explaining the spices that went into Indian cuisine and explaining the fact that there is no such thing as curry powder. She passed around the spices and herbs and let us all smell and feel and even taste the various spices and spice blends that she made. We were all encouraged to gather around for a better look as she was preparing each dish and ask any questions we might have. Everything was smelling so good and everyone was more than ready to eat. After all the dishes were completed and dished up we all sat down to a wonderfully delicious meal.
Mel and Rajesh working on the rice
Basmati rice seasoned with cinnamon, bay leaf and cumin.
Chicken Pakoda ready for frying
chunks of chicken marinated in a mixture of yogurt and spices then mixed with egg and rice flour and deep fried.

Chicken Curry
Chicken drumsticks marinated with turmeric and salt then stewed mix of spices
The Chicken Pakoda

Rice and Carrot Salad

Chicken Curry

everyone enjoying the meal

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Unknown said...

Fantastic class, great food, nice people, great hostess, lots o fun!

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