Wednesday, May 6, 2009


our fist order of clams and oysters
the raw bar when we left (it was full of oysters,clams and shrimp when we first got there)

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the All You Can Eat Raw Bar nights. We went to night to check it out. It's not a bad deal for $19.99 per person, especially if your like Charlie and can eat tons of oysters. The deal is all you can eat oysters on the half shell, cooked shrimp and clams either steamed or raw. We decided to go with the raw oysters and oysters. The oysters were Fanny Bay from the Northwest (my favorite), and the clams were Manila. The oysters and clams are shucked as the order is placed, you get 6 oysters and I think it was a dozen clams and if you want shrimp about half a dozen. My only complaint is that the oysters were really small as were the clams and with only one guy at the raw bar shucking it takes forever. Luckily when we got there at 6:00 we were the only ones having the raw bar special. We wanted 2 orders of each the clamsand oysters but they brought only one order of a combination. We told our waitress that we wanted two orders of each but we got an order of clams and and order of oysters. Oh well, we let it slide. We also told our waitress that as soon as she left an order for us tell the guy shucking to start another order of each.. I ate about a dozen oysters and clams and that was enough for me, I had to switch to something else so I got a chicken breast. That was also a great deal, one chicken breast stuffed with sage and prosciutto over polenta, a whole meal 9.95. Charlie kept at his oysters and clams. In fact they ran out of clams. About 7:00 several other tables were having the raw bar deal so it started to take at least 15 to 20 min. between orders. We were there at 6:00 and left at 8:30p.m. by the time Charlie had his fill, which really wasn't' his fill he just got tired of waiting for his order. It's a great deal if you have a lot of time. I'm glad it was just the 2 of us or we would have been there until closing.
On another note, they downsized their menu. It used to be a really nice selection of small plates, salads, poultry, beef, lamb, fish.. all in a nice book like menu. Now it's a two sided plastic covered menu.. guess they took out everything that wasn't selling.
The bad: I called last night to make reservations, got a message machine telling me to leave a message but if we don't get a confirmation call our reservation is not valid. Never got a call. Called again this afternoon got the same message. E-mailed them to complain. Went on Open Table and made reservations. Not a good way to operate if you ask me.

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