Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yes, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you've seen my comments about VIV. It is a antioxident, anti-aging with five herbal extractions to relieve stress, fight fatigue, increase focus and memory,improve mood and sense of well being, and enhance physical endurance.
It comes in convenient packets that you simply mix with water. It tastes good, like berries and in these little packets it is easy to take it with you if you need an extra boost while playing sports or exercising. I've been taking it for a couple of weeks now and I feel a lot better. My friend who suffers from anxiety attacks, depression and a number of other problems has been drinking VIV for only a few days and says she is much more relaxed, has been sleeping better and the best thing, has lost weight because she isn't doing that nervous eating. Her daughter is ADHD and she has been taking the VIV also and after just a few days my friend has seen a noticeable change in her daughter's behavior. She is sold on the product. In fact her and her ex husband who don't agree on anything agree on this. It is helping their daughter dramatically..and they want to keep her on it.

No, I'm not selling it, a friend of mine is and I'm just helping to spread the word about this product through the various networking channels.
So please, go to this website and check it out

If your interested you can e-mail Bill or give him a call and I'm sure he would be willing to send out a sample for you to try. Tell him I said so.

Really, it's good stuff and as far as price goes it isn't bad especially for all the good stuff it does.

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