Friday, April 24, 2009


Today Sue, Nance, Mare and I went to San Francisco. Sue had a medical appointment at the UC med center. Her appointment was at 9:00am and it took about an hour and a half. After she was done we headed to the Ferry Building. We spent a little time looking through Sur La Table then headed to the Slanted Door. This is where they always go for lunch after Sue's Dr's appointments. This was my first time. We took a picture out by the bay then headed into the restaurant..right when it opened. If you wait too long it gets very crowded.

As you can see we had a great view of the bay bridge. After we were seated we ordered drinks and appetizers. Sue ordered us tons of appetizers! I started with a Hefe Wiezen

We then ordered the Imperial Rolls.. a crispy roll filled with pork, shrimp, glass noodles and peanuts with dipping sauce and lettuce and mint to roll it all in.
Dip the Imperial Roll into the dipping sauce then roll it up in the lettuce with the noodles and mint.. It was so good, the roll isn't your ordinary egg or spring roll, it has a lot more flavor.

Niman Ranch spareribs with Hoisin honey glaze

plus we also had a Green Papaya salad which was good but not spicy. It was not the normal papaya salad but it was flavorful. After the appetizers they brought us hot towels to clean up with. I love those, they always feel so good.
Here is our lunch:

Chicken in Clay Pot with Caramel, chilies and ginger. It was good, a little too sweet but had a kick from the chilies. I was so full, I brought most of it home and had it for dinner.
Grilled Chicken Breast over rice noodles and Imperial Rolls

Niman Ranch Shaking Beef.. filet mignon, watercress, red onions and a lime dipping sauce

And Sue and Nance had desert. Creme Brule for Nance, she said it was really good, very smooth and creamy. Sue had the Beignets with cinammon sabayon..I had a bit of the beignets and they were good, very light but I would have liked powdered sugar on them. With regular sugar it was more like a donut hole.

We rolled out of there then did a little more shopping. They have some wonderful things at the Ferry building. It was a good day and we all had fun.

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Unknown said...

I've always wanted to eat friend Marlena says it is her favorite place in SF.

Eileen and Karen said...

This was my first time, it was really good.

Unknown said...

So. Fucking. Envious. ;)

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