Friday, March 27, 2009


Tonight I joined the Epicurean group at this new barbecue spot for some ribs, a sandwich of brisket and one of tri-tip and some mac and cheese plus fries and a beverage. The crinkle cut french fries started out the dinner, they were your typical fries. We had a couple of baskets to share with our table. Next up was the Mac and Cheese.. it was OK, a nice comforting taste but nothing special. Paul said it was off tonight, that it was usually much better. We then got our ribs (4-5 meaty ribs), Tri-tip sandwich and a brisket sandwich. The ribs were great, smokey and falling off the bone tender. We also got extra barbecue sauce both the regular and spicy. I especially liked the spicy. The brisket sandwich was also wonderful. The brisket was tender and very flavorful. I didn't get a chance to taste the tri-tip because I was full after the brisket and a couple of ribs. The restaurant didn't have their liquor license yet so we had to make do with soft drinks or tea or water. A nice cold beer would have been ideal with this meal. I brought my left overs home and my husband finished off my ribs which he thought was outstanding. That says a lot since he doesn't particularly like ribs. We had a fun group at our table and we had a fun night.

My BBQ Spot

2502 J street

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