Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Fax Machine Gremlins Have Attacked

I think there is some kind of gremlin in my fax machine and a computer in San Jose. A company we work for sent us a fax yesterday, a rather long 14 page fax. Then it came through again and again and again. About 3:00 am this morning our fax machine started making a weird (our office is in our home) beeping noises. I got up to see what the noise was and our fax machine was again printing out the same faxes. I pulled out all of the good paper and put the paper already printed on back in the machine. This morning when I went to check on the fax machine, it had run out of paper and had stored what ever was remaining in memory. I dug out some more old paper (good thing I save all this stuff) and again it printed out copy after copy of the same reports. I finally got in touch with the person who originally sent the fax yesterday and he said he'd have to check. It turns out that his faxes are sent via a computer from some IT place in San Jose. The IT techs were checking on the problem.. it sent the same fax 15 times as of yesterday and about 5 times since 3:00 this morning. This is so weird since the problem that this particular company was having was an over use of water, were talking thousands of gallons of water in a vacant building. They can't find where the water is coming from or going so then sent us the faxes of all the water department notes, utility bills etc.
I think the same gremlins who are using the water also got into the fax machine and decided to over run the faxes. At least a ream of paper and who knows how much toner!
It's stopped.. I keep waiting for the fax machine to go off again.. I hope that's the last of those reports. Ahh... quiet.

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