Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm in Poway

I made it to Poway (San Diego) last night. Great flight, on time only half the plane was full and it got in early. We had to wait for Carol, the other Grandma, she came in an hour later. I don't know why we didn't coordinate things. But we all made it and I took my daughter and son-in-law and Carol to the ship. They set sail this afternoon to a cruise to Cabo San Lucas.. a short 4 day cruise. My daughter's plan was to sleep, eat, sleep,eat. and Kobie, my SIL's plan was to eat, eat, eat. Since the climate in Mexico is so bad right now with all the murders and kidnappings my daughter and SIL had to register with the American Consulate, and go through a whole lot of paperwork since he is in the military. Apparently the Marines are not even allowed to go to Mexico at this time. So needless to say, they are not going to get off the ship when it docks in Cabo. Which really is fine since most of the passengers get off and that means if you want to lay out by the pool, you don't need to fight for a lounge chair or anything else. Best time is when everyone leaves the ship. So Me and my two granddaughters have 4 days to our selves more or less. My sister is flying in from Oakland tomorrow night to she hasn't seen Lana yet so wanted to see her at least before she turns a year old. Today was hectic, having to take everyone to the ship then coming home and putting Lana down for a nap then picking T up at school and helping her get her outfit ready for the Sock Hop tomorrow night at her school. We had dinner worked on her outfit, got Lana ready for bed, and she was a crank all day. I think she has another tooth coming in. We made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and I'm beat. They had this really sophisticated TV set up and for some reason after everyone was in bed when I turned it on there was no sound so I messed with it and then there was no I'll go up in a bit and watch TV in the master bedroom where there is just a simple remote..on and off and change channels. I'll have to have T fix the other remote tomorrow. At least tomorrow will be a little saner.. Tianna's friend's mother and I are trading kids..she's taking T to the Sock Hop and on Sat. I'm taking her kids to Dave and Busters for games and some dinner..I must be crazy.
But, it is so much matter how exhausted I am it is totally worth it.
OK.. night all, it's early but Lana gets up at 6am so I'd better be bright eyed by then.

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