Tuesday, November 4, 2008

R and R Ranch

We finally got the horses moved to a new home. You know sometimes you just walk into a place and know you belong there? This is the place. I love this place, it's so pretty and Joe the owner is a sweetheart. Poor Joe, we've had him hopping. Since we had to dismantle all the panels that make up our horses runs we told him he could use them to make new runs for them at his place. We also were told that we could take the roofs off the stalls so now we need him to get out there this weekend and pry them off, and here the poor guy just had a bad fall at work and has his leg in a brace. None the less, the horses are settled for now and seem pretty peaceful. I went back out there this afternoon to check on them and they were peacefully eating. This is so great for me since now I can just run out there. Since it's in Freeport it only takes me about 10 min. as opposed to the 20-30 min it used to take me. Here are some pictures of our new stable.

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