Thursday, October 16, 2008


After hearing so many good things about Masullo Sue and I decided to give it a try. Sue hasn't been feeling well so this was a good chance for her to get out since it is close to her home.
It was every bit as delicious as everyone has said. It's a rather smallish space with a very clean minimalist decor. There are some wood or tree motif pictures (I don't know what you'd call them) on the wall, the communal tables in the middle are beautiful wood burls.. real or imitation? Whatever I love the the tables.

2top tables along one wall.Nice clean kitchen area. They have some nice appetizers, but we didn't try any of them. The people next to us were haveing the Caprese-Mozzarella,Hagginwoods Heirloom Tomatoes, Basil, Olive looked really good. Sue and I shared the Mixed Green salad- Lettuce mix, Prosciutto, Grana Padano, Percoino Romano, Balsamic vinaigrette- very simple and very good. For our pizza, Sue had the Sausage-tomato, mozzarella, Fra'Mani Italian sauage, Red chili flakes.

Of course I HAD to get the Eileen-Oyster mushrooms, Niman Ranch Bacon, Mozzarella, Cream, Sage, Black Pepper. Both pizzas were delicious, I really liked the Eileen but it was a little bland..I think it could have used some roasted garlic..but, that's only me. This is not a pizza with chopped up pieces of mushrooms, these are whole oyster mushroom all over the pizza and the bacon gives it the right amount of salt and who can argue that bacon doesn't improve everything.

The desert of the night was Chocolate pudding w/whipped cream and a Cobbler.. we didn't even get any!! So that must say something that both of us were totally satisfied with the pizza and salad and didn't need desert.
I brought half of my pizza home with the intent of having a mid-night snack, but Charlie scarfed it down before I could tell him to save me a piece.
The good news is the place was busy and the food was really good. I will be back most likely for take out. My only complaint, the noise! OR... I'm getting hard of hearing.. Sue can't talk loud and I can't hear!


Rajesh &Shankari said...

We loved Masullo's. The food was great and I had a fruit tart which was out of the world.

Unknown said...

Dave and I are planning to try this..but don't think they are open on Sundays. Besides..gotta watch Iron Chef tonight!

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