Monday, October 13, 2008


OK, this is probably not world class cuisine, but hey, I like the place. It has the best chips and salsa. We hadn't been to Chevy's on Howe for quite a while and what a surprise to see it so empty! We sat in the bar to have dinner and there were maybe 6-8 people in there, and in the restaurant there were a few people, but it was virtually empty. This was at peak dinner time..6:30. Yes the chips and salsa were still great but they now give you this tiny basket of chips. I love the Chili Relleno and that's what I usually get but this time I got the shrimp and beef fajitas. I thought it was good..but at the end of the meal, the meat was over cooked since the plate is sizzling hot. Charlie had the Chevy's Conquer.. 5 items. Drinks there are expensive with very little liquor in it. All in all dinner was good and we got out of there for under $100.00 which for us that's a good thing. It's sad to see so many restaurants so empty and going out of business. Though it looks like a new one will be opening across the way where El Torito used to be and has been vacant for so long. It's freshly painted and looks like it might have a liquor license notice in the window. Hope it does well, and hope Chevy's can keep going.

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Anonymous said...

Chevy's totally has the best chips and salsa - paired with a grande margarita -- what could be better?

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