Friday, September 19, 2008


After the Pinning ceremony and Kobie got a few hours of sleep we headed down town with family and friends to celebrate. We went to Rei Do Gado a Brazillian Steakhouse or Charrasco. Summer said don't get side tracked by the is huge plus then there are 10 cuts of meats that come by. After we were seated we headed to the buffet. The buffet had cold cuts, salads, fruits, shrimp plus the hot food buffet which I don't even know what was there because I didn't want to get side tracked from the meat. Also there were 2 soups. You do have to grab a plate though because when they see you have a plate then the waiters come by with different cuts of meat to slice off for you. There was sausage, tri-tip,skirt steak, baby back ribs, beef ribs, chicken, bacon wrapped fillet, hump of Zebus( Brahma bull), chicken hearts, turkey wrapped in bacon, top round, top sirloin and more. Everything is grilled on a rotisserie and is very good.
They have a little marker for yes or no depending on if you want more meat or not. You have to pace yourself because the meats just keep coming . I really liked it, everything was good.


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