Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chief Petty Officers Pinning

My son-in-law Kobie became Chief Petty Officer Smith on Tuesday. It was a really awesome ceremony. It was held at the Naval Hospital in the center courtyard. We were lucky to get there early to get a seat. As the ceremony began there was the introduction of the guest speakers and one group was the Pearl Harbor Survivors. After the national anthem and a few speeches the new Chiefs came marching in singing the Navy Hymn(Anchors Away).. it was so cool.. gave me goose bumps. There were 37 people who made Chief and the lined up on either side of the court yard. All along the upper floor the other Chiefs, and others lined the floor. After more speeches about the significance of becoming Chief, the new Chiefs were called up two at a time to be pinned by their loved ones and special friends. Kobie was pinned my daughter Summer and his best friend Tony. Each new Chief had a mentor who placed their new lid (hat) on them. Then they would each march back to their place in line. I was sitting right on the end with my granddaughter in her stroller and I know Kobie had to see her, but boy, his training was great. He never broke a smile or anything. I saw him glance her way really quickly but he kept his bearing. It was kind of like trying to get one of those guards at Buckingham Palace to smile. After all was said and done the were all smiles.

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