Monday, July 28, 2008


We had a weekend that Charlie had no work for once. On Friday night he says we should go to Reno. I thought that sounded like a good idea but I had to make sure the dog sitter could come on such short notice and if the vet would be able to board our diabetic cat. I called the dog sitter and she called me back late Friday night to confirm she would be available. I had to wait until the next morning for the Vet's office to open to find out if I could drop the cat off in the morning. I got up early on Saturday morning to call a couple of the casinos to see who had what available. Peppermill is my favorite when I have my granddaughter because they have a great arcade and pool. I called and they told me I had a comp and since they had rooms available they would comp me 2 nights.. what a deal. At 9 I called the vet and it was fine with them that I drop off the cat that morning. In the mean time I got everyone packed. Took the cat to be boarded and headed off to see my horses. We decided we wouldn't leave until later that afternoon. Since I was scheduled to pick up Tianna at her other grandmother's at 4:00pm. I called her to let her know we were going to go to Reno again. She asked if her 1/2 brother, Andre could go with us. She had been telling him about the arcade and pool and the room with the flat screen TV and jacuzzi tub.
I figured why not, it's easier having 2 kids to keep each other company and he is a really good kid. He's 2 years younger than T. They just love each other and have more fun together, I guess because they only see each other when Tianna comes to town. I arranged with his mother to have his clothes over at Nana's so we could just pick the two of them up and head out.
We had a great time. They had fun at the arcade and also spent the day swimming on Sunday. We went to Charlie Palmer's Steak for dinner on Sunday night again. Andre is a pretty picky eater and probably hasn't been exposed to a wide variety of foods and fine dining like Tianna has. Now, Charlie Palmer has great steaks but he didn't like it, it didn't taste like his grandpa's. I had split my steak with him and he ate about 2 bites, so I took it back and ate it. Good thing they brought out a complementary order of french fries for the kids because that is all he ate. Tianna had a dozen oysters as her dinner. He had to be hungry because we hadn't had anything to eat ( other than the candy that the kids ate)since breakfast so they would be hungry and eat dinner. I told them that if they didn't eat desert there we could get the giant eclair back at the Peppermill.
By the time they got through playing in the arcade that night the cafe was closed and they never got the eclair. They had a good time though and I think they lived on candy they won each day at the arcade. Here are a couple of pictures of Tianna with Andre and Andre with his "grills" he won at the arcade.. he thought they were the best thing. I don't think he took them off other to sleep and eat.


Ms. Munchie said...

E, what's your email? I want to send you an article on the patches going to the Olympics.

Unknown said...

No wonder that young lady wants to come live with you!!

Eileen and Karen said...

Catherine, is my e-mail.

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