Friday, July 25, 2008


OK so I gave up on getting my old phone number back for our home phone. It was supposed to be available today, but when I called they sent me to the department that deals with old numbers. He told me it had to be an active number to reactivate it. ??? That didn't make any
sense to me.. I explained the situation and he said it had to be active with T-Mobile. I said it wasn't active because it didn't work with T-Mobile so he said I couldn't get it back. OK FINE.. forget it. I have a new home # . I called my mom and in-laws and gave it to them and then e-mailed anyone who calls me and gave them the new #. It's kind of nice, I haven't gotten any telemarketing calls so far. I'm sure they'll catch up to us. This whole episode has been a royal pain.


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