Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Since this hands free thing with the cell phone went into effect I've been looking for a new phone for my husband. Needless to say he is a totally technologically challenged. Both his phone and mine were too old to have Blue Tooth capabilities so I got my self a phone and have been looking for one for him. Last night on a whim I stopped by a T-Mobile store to see the actual phones (I'd been looking online) and see if it was something he could manage. I found one that he could upgrade to for free- a slider phone. If you want to make a call just slide the face up and your keys are there.. I thought surely he could manage that. So I purchased the phone plus 2 hands free speakers (I sent my blue tooth ear piece back) since they were on sale. I also got a new home phone system. T-Mobile just came out with it, it's like Vonage that runs through the internet and Wi-Fi if I understand it correctly. It was a good deal since they were giving the router for free yesterday with the purchase of a 2 yrs contract. $10.00 a month unlimited local and long distance and I can keep my old phone #. I thought that was great since I HATE AT&T!!! So, I get home show him his phone and the speaker and he just glares at it.. decides he's keeping his old phone! Says it's too complicated, makes a project of sliding the face plate up and down and totally irritating me. All I have to do is place his old SIM card in there and he's good to go..but NO! So I packed it all up and it's sitting here ready to go back. I just know the minute I take it back he's going to decide he needs a new phone. Good thing I have 30 days to return it. I was really irritated and pissed last night after all the time I spent looking online at phones and then going and buying one and I'm still pissed! I really love to shove that phone where the sun don't shine, but then I doubt they'd take it back.



Ms. Munchie said...

LOL. Just get rid of the old phone when he isn't looking. Is he just happy with the old corded headset? I always have to teach my boss. Got him a phone/bluetooth with voice recognition so now he can press his ear button and just say, "Call Catherine work" and get me.

Eileen and Karen said...

I wish it were that easy. He's being stubborn and no he doesn't even have a corded headset. I'm taking it back tonight.

Unknown said...

Men. He can go pick out his own phone when he decides he wants one.

Anonymous said...

Eileen -
Make sure to read the fine print on the internet phone service. They don't always work correctly with the 911 system and there have been situations where people don't find that out until there is an emergency. The 911 operators cannot locate the origin of the call like they can with land line phones. Just FYI.


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