Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We met at Caballo Blanco tonight for a "Family Meeting" We needed to discuss our situation with my in laws. My sister-in-law is the main care giver and is about at the end of the rope. We got together to see what we could do regarding my MIL who is on the edge of going into a nursing home. Do we or don't we and how do we know? I know a lot of my friends as well as myself are having this problem with aging parents. We came to a couple of decisions but it's not a comfortable decision for any of us. So onto the food.. Caballo Blanco is on Fruitridge/Franklin blvd. It has been there forever. It has really good food at a reasonable price.
T took the pictures.. she's getting pretty good at food photography.
Steak and shrimp

Chile Colorado

Carnitas Burrito

?? I don't know what this was

Plus they have great Margaritas..they actually put Tequila into it.

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Rajesh &Shankari said...

It is nice to see folks care about their aging parents. Hope all is well with your MIL

Unknown said...

Yes, caring for aging parents is a challenge..especially when we are aging too! I am glad you are all talking about it.

Thank goodness my in-laws know exactly what they want to do if they cannot live next door..and they bought long-term insurance for nursing care back when it was affordable. We hope that doesn't happen..but if it does, we know what they want us to do.

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