Saturday, June 28, 2008


I don't what is up these last couple of weeks. The stars aren't aligned or the earth is off it's axis and it's slamming me into things but I am a walking disaster or maybe a disaster waiting to happen.
I look like someone beat me up! Well, my arms always have scratches them from one of my cats, he HAS to sleep right next to me with his paws and head on my arm. He gets all happy happy and starts flexing his claws and of course I jerk my arm away leaving scratches. Lately I've run into everything there is to run into. I have a bruise from my wrist to my elbow from falling off my granddaughter's bed. It is an old captains style water bed frame with a regular mattress. In order to get the fitted sheet tucked under I have to stand on the edges of the frame and lift up the mattress. I was standing at the end of the bed and stepped a little too far and ended up falling off the end of the bed banging up my arm and my legs in the process. I have a huge bruise on my shin from that episode also. Then, I was closing the door to my car and the edge of the car door hit my knee so another huge bruise on my knee. Plus I'm forever banging my knee into to drawers of my desk. Then, and this is really stupid, I bent over to pour some cat food into bowl and hit my forehead on the door knob! You know how you can walk blind folded through the house and not bump into something but if something is out of order you walk right into it? Well, someone left the pantry door ajar and so Wham.. luckily my hair covers that one. Plus and this is the final one. . a bruise on the back of my hand from smacking one of the horses up side his head. Guess I deserved that one. So until it all heals I get funny looks and questions like I'm an abuse victim. I guess that's good, it shows people care. Only problem is once these heal I'll probably do something else to cause another trauma to myself. Other than sitting in a padded room, I don't know. I think it's global warming or something.. it gets blamed for everything. Or maybe I need another glass of wine.

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