Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Once again one of our cats brought me a gift of a lizard, or I should say a lizard in parts. Duke was sitting in the kitchen making a funny meowing noise and when I looked over he dropped something. I thought it was a worm, from where I was at the kitchen sink all I saw was something wiggling.. I thought it odd that he would bring in a worm so I went to take a closer look. GROSS!! it was the tail of the lizard wiggling around spattering blood on the floor. I then see this other thing run under the freezer.. great I have the tail gyrating around on the floor and the lizard under the freezer. Duke was walking around telling me all about catching this thing and looking very proud of himself. I was really grossed out, and didn't really know what to do with the tail. Plus it kept wiggling.. I got a paper towel and picked it up and threw it outside. The lizard is still under the freezer.
This is the second time a lizard gift has freaked me out. A couple of years ago another cat brought one to the front door and was making a fuss so went out to see. As I'm standing on the front porch the cat lets go of the lizard and the lizard proceeds to run up the inside of my pant leg. I'm out there jumping around screaming trying to get the damn thing to fall out and not run any further up my leg. It did finally fall out after a lot of jumping and shaking my leg. I don't know what the neighbors thought, but it was really funny after the fact.
My cats seem to bring gifts like this all the time. I really love the middle of the night gifts.. birds that proceed to hop around the house with the cat in pursuit and me trying catch it, mice or rats that are still alive. I guess they figure they need to keep my life interesting.
Gotta love those cats.


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Unknown said...

My in-laws old cat Jesse dragged an owl into their house one night. It was really tough to get that owl out, as it was quite alive!

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