Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Well, we had a great time in San Diego for 4 days and got back last night. We even got lucky and caught an earlier flight home. We pulled into the driveway and parked the car, the dogs were going crazy so we let them out. They were running around the front yard and Riley was making funny snuffling noises and all of a sudden we smelled the most awful smell.. he got sprayed by a skunk!. We hurried and got both dogs into the house bringing in all that wonderful stench. Let me tell you skunk spray when close is nothing like the smell you smell when a skunk gets hit by a car or is far away. This has to be the most nauseating smell, kind of a mix between rotten garlic and some kind of noxious gas... just bad. I got the dogs out to the back yard and took a good whiff of each to see who got sprayed where. Riley got the worst of it, on his face but didn't get a direct hit, thank goodness. Moose just smelled of skunk by association. Now, here I just get home and I have to give them both a bath. I mix up the sure fire skunk smell getter outer. Dawn dish washing liquid, baking soda, peroxide and Simple Green. The Simple Green and Dawn are to cut the oil in the spray and the baking soda and peroxide to neutralise the smell. So, here I was at 9:00 pm bathing the dogs. Charlie was out "disposing" of the said skunk. I don't know how long that thing had been in the trap. Usually he disengages the trap when we leave so nothing gets caught and had to stay there until we got home. Well, needless to say that added a lot of unneeded excitement to our home coming. After the dogs were washed and dried all the windows were opened, fans turned on and we tried to get that damn smell out of the house. It worked pretty well... at least most of the smell was gone. Riley smelled a little like skunk, not as bad as before and Moose was fine. As long as Riley doesn't get wet he'll be fine. If a dog gets wet after getting sprayed by a skunk, it reactivates the smell .
That's why we have a trap.. lots and lots of skunks. Now is skunk season, they are out and about and they carry rabies big time. I have to have all the cats vaccinated because of them, though the cats and skunks seem to tolerate each other.
How fun.. Our home is such an adventure.

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