Thursday, May 1, 2008


I am happy to say I've used all of the produce that I got from Farm Fresh to you, except one apple. I don't like apples, but I have to say these are good. I'll eat the last one tomorrow for breakfast. I am really amazed. I buy veggies and they just rot in the fridge. This time I actually used everything. Today I used up the carrots and the rest of the cilantro in Shankari's carrot salad, a very easy and tasty salad. I used the lettuce last night in a tossed salad.
I didn't think I'd use everything up I thought I'd be throwing out a lot of stuff.. I'm very happy that everything was used and everything was fresh and of great quality.
My next delivery is next Thursday and again I'm waiting.
Shankari's Carrot Salad
2C shredded carrots
1/2C roasted unsalted peanuts/cashews
1 minced greed chili
1Tbsp lime juice
1/2tsp lime zest
chopped Cilantro for garnish
salt and pepper to taste

1tsp canola oil
1/2tsp mustard seed (black)
1/2tsp urad dhal
tiny pinch Asafetida (optional)
In a large bowl combine all the ingredients from the first section.. In a small pan, heat the oil and fry the mustard seeds, urad dhal,and asafetida. Pour over the salad and combine.
Option: add raisins.


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