Sunday, March 30, 2008


Tonight we tried Scott's Seafood on the River. The Le Rivage Hotel is beautiful, very tastefully done. Scott's was Scott's. I think the menu is a little bit bigger than the Scott's a Lohman's Plaza but basically the same. We started with the Oysters on the half shell, 6 from Oregon and 6 from I think Vancouver. They were very good, briny and fresh tasting. Charlie had the Spinach salad which he thought was just OK. We both had the Macadamian Nut crusted Halibut which I thought was good but not as buttery as the Scott's at Lohmans. Maybe they were trying to cut down on calories or whatever. For desert I had the Lava cake which obviously had been made before hand as it wasn't hot, but on the plus side it wasn't over cooked either. Actually if it had been hotter, it would have been perfect. As it was, it was good and if you don't like hot cake it was great.. oozy chocolate middle great vanilla ice cream.. it tasted great.... I just like it hot. Charlie had the Raspberry Jack.. Raspberries and vanilla ice cream. I guess it was good, there was nothing left. All in all the dinner was good, not great but we'd go back just because it is so close to us. The patio looked inviting with the fire place and all but no one was out there. I think come summer it would be a great place to eat or just sit and have cocktails and watch the river flow by.
Service was a little slow but not bad.
We took a little tour of the hotel and it is very nice. There is another small bar area just past the lobby with comfy looking seats. I think come warmer weather this will be a great place for us to walk to for dinner.


Unknown said...

Love the pics and the review.

P.S. My email is so messed up. Dave and I have had the worst ever sinus infections..again. We are back on anti-biotics and I am leaving for Portland early Thurs. a.m. I never made it to Shankari's class. I emailed her before. I was so sad about it.

Anonymous said...

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