Sunday, March 9, 2008


Today the Sacramento Food Group meet at Akebono on Freeport Blvd to have sushi. We chose to get there at 11:30 so we could get a place at the sushi bar. It was fun but hard to talk to the others at the other end of the bar. Our sushi chef Jimmy-san (blue shirt) was in charge of making us his specialties. I don't know the name of the other sushi chef(purple shirt) but he was a so animated and funny. We ordered Edamame and the Miso soup and beers. We then pretty much left it up to Chef Jimmy to just make us whatever. I love soft shell crab but wanted something different than a Spider Roll so he did make a roll but it was not the traditional and it was very good. Mel had a roll with spicy tuna and shrimp tempura and maybe avocado that had thin slices of lemon that gave it just a great kick. We also had Hamachi (yellow fin) and Toro(fatty tuna) a Rocky roll made with shrimp tempura avacado and teriyaki sauce. I had to try the baby octopus, which Dave said tasted like Gummy Bears. Actually they were pretty good.. cooked in a slightly sweet teriyaki like sauce.. whole little octopi. There was also mackerel, Jenny had a spicy scallop handroll, some kind of roe, can't remember what fish it was from and Mel got really brave and tried the Uni (sea urchin). She didn't like the texture but liked the taste. We had a lot of fun and a lot of sushi .. even Dave. He started out with the Bento Box (lunch box) of Spicy beef and Tempura and ended up trying different pieces of sushi and for the most part liked them. At the end of the meal Chef Jimmy presented us with his Tamago (egg) roll.. It was like a desert. It was a thin omlet of sweetened egg that had been rolled so that there were numerous layers and then sliced. It tasted slightly of egg custard.
Going to a sushi bar is not for anyone on a budget, that was probably one of the most expensive lunches I've had in a long time, but well worth it, it was great.

Everyone had a good time as usual and now we need to think up another meet up.

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