Saturday, February 23, 2008


Well, back to reality and cold rainy weather. We got back on Friday night after 4 days in Hawaii.
We left on Monday morning and arrived in Hawaii at 1:00 pm, so we had the whole day ahead of us. We were staying at the Outrigger Waikiki located right on the beach. We checked in but since it was so early our room wasn't ready yet so we went to the famous tourist spot Dukes Canoe Club located in the hotel. We were seated out on the patio looking out over Waikiki beach. I had the Fish Taco which was had very fresh fish and was very tasty. Faith had the Grilled Chicken Sandwich and T had the Chowder. It was a nice light lunch and we enjoyed the great view. After lunch we went back and got checked into out room.. lot a bad view.. part city view and a partial beach view. After checking things out we hit the beach for a few hours. Beautiful weather 80 degrees breezy..Ahhh.
Around 5 we had had enough sun for one day so we went up showered and went across the street to the International Market Place where my granddaugher proceeded to buy gifts for all her friends and family. After that excursion we decided to try the Hula Grill which is also located in our hotel. We were too tired to really venture out. Actually the Hula Grill was really good. They had a great focaccia bread with a olive oil and chili vinegrette dipping sauce. It was really good and we ended up eating almost 2 baskets of bread. I had the Hawaiian Ceviche which was ceviche but had chopped mangoes in it and was served with tortilla chips and lime wedges. It was very good and refreshing. Faith had the Lemon Ginger grilled chicken which she said was outstanding. T had the Sashimi (ahi tuna) as a starter then had the Shrimp Scampi which she didn't care for, the capers in there were too strong for the delicate sauce. All in all the dinner was great, especially for a "hotel restraurant". It became one of our favorite places- and we later discovered they had great breakfasts also.
That was the end of our day.. back to the room a bed.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun Eileen. We missed you at class

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