Sunday, February 24, 2008

HAWAII-Day 2 and 3

The most of day 2 was spent on the beach. Rented chaise lounges, umbrella and a boogie board and that was the day.. on the beach with a book and a few Margaritas. For dinner recommendations we talked to the concierge. My granddaughter wanted sushi.. Faith doesn't eat fish so we had to find something that had chicken, doesn't eat beef much either. Mike the concierge suggested several places but when we went back down to get an address he wasn't there so we got another suggestion for Sansei and it was in walking distance. It was located in the Marriot Waikiki. It was pretty good. As starters Faith got the Asparagus tempura, I had the Foie Gras musubi.. 2 pieces of Foie on top of a rice musubi(rice ball) with caramelized onions and a mango relish..odd maybe but I think you can put Foie on anything and it would taste fabulous..The Matsuhisa style (Nobu) Miso Butterfish, and my favorite sushi, Spider Roll. Faith got her chicken a Japanese roasted jerk chicken with garlic mashed potatoes, T got the sashimi of Octopus,crab and tobiko (flying fish roe ) a side of a bowl of rice for her tobiko. Plus a bottle of CF "Asian Fusian" Riesling from Germany. Very good with our Japanese Fusian food. T had a virgin strawberry daiquiri..her drink of choice. We got there early around 6 so we were able to get the Early Bird Special. The only thing not on the special was the Foie..of course. Desert was the Brownie Sundae for Faith and Creme Brulee for T. Actually that was one of the better brulee's. After we rolled out of there, the waiter was joking that he couldn't find a wheelbarrow for us. It was a good thing we walked, the walk back did us good. We went back and changed into comfy clothes and walked around some more. That whole strip along Waikiki Beach has become designer central..Kate Spade, Ferragamo, Gucci, Hermes, Guess, Juicy Couture, Tiffany, Etc. etc. etc.. wow. We headed back to the hotel around 10 and ordered I am Legend and again that was our night.
Day 3 -getting the hang of the Hawaiian laid back mode..not a long stretch for me. We ordered in breakfast from room service.. it is from the Hula Grill. T had the Island tropical fruit platter and the North shore omelet-tomato,spinach,zucchini, maui onion,mushrooms. I had the Macadamia Banana pancakes. . 3 huge pancakes with a sauce of butter, brown sugar, bananas and macadamia nuts plus coconut great! Faith had the Waikiki a ham and cheese omelet. Everyone proclaimed breakfast a balcony and view of the city or beach depending on which end you sit on.Then it was back out to our chaise and being lazy..then a drive around the island a bit, here I'm paying 25.00 a day for the car to sit at the hotel, might as well use it. Headed around the island.. made it to Sandy Beach.. very sandy. T tried to boogie board but the surf was pretty rough so she opted to just play in the water. Faith and I were sitting on the beach and got hit by a huge wave...and sand.. it was everywhere. Front seat, passenger side, a load in the back seat and trunk. The scenery was gorgeous. We made our loop and headed back to Waikiki for the highlight of my visit.. dinner at Alan Wong's, 6:00pm dinner reservations..yes after all that breakfast. Everyone says Alan Wong's is getting old, but I just love this place. The food is phenomenal as is the service.

We started out by ordering a bottle of Alan Wong Merlot, Santa Barbara (I think)..very good. I got the 5 course tasting menu which consisted of 2 appetizers Poke Pines and "soup and sandwich" a foie, kalua pig and parmesan crisp "sandwich". Ginger crusted Onaga and Butter poached Kona cold lobster, Twice cooked short rib and Kalbi style grilled shrimp. Desert: Chocolate crunch bars and cocnut tapioca. YUM!!! It was so good.. T started with Da Bag a huge foil balloon that they deflate at the table that is filled with clams, Kaluha pig and Shitake mushrooms. She had the macadamian coconut crusted lamb chops and Faith had the Hamakua spring greens and vegetable salad with Alan Wong's dressing. Now I thought this place would have some kind of chicken dish but no.. and Faith doesn't particularly like beef and doesn't like fish and doesn't like lamb.. hmm... well, she opted for the beef.. cooked 3 ways.. one was the short rib style, one was grilled (maybe Kalbi style ) and one other style which I don't remember. She was kind of sceptical since she doesn't normally eat beef..but she ate every last bit and was thrilled with it. Said it was the best she's ever had. Now.. desert... of course. Faith had the Chocolate sampler and T had the 5 spoons of Brulee.. All were delicious. T didn't like her lamb chops she thought they were too sweet, and when the waitress saw she wasn't eating it everyone came over to make sure everything was going well. I told them everything was fine, we were all enjoying our meal.. I wanted the lamb chops for breakfast the next day. I'm sure they would have brought her a whole new entree but after her appetizer I really don't think she was all that hungry anymore. Service is excellent..they are right there if you need anything. OK we needed to be wheeled out again or rolled.. back to the International Market Place and Waikiki for more walking and shopping.

Alan Wong's Restaurant

1857 S. King Street 3rd floor

Honolulu Hawaii

(808) 949-2526

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