Monday, January 14, 2008


Over the holidays I got a few NSF (non sufficient funds) notices on my checking acct. I had plenty of money in my account so what was the problem. But then, I'm not known to be a math wizard and have been know to totally screw up my account, plus it was Christmas and I was writing checks left and right and figured I didn't deduct something or just wasn't paying attention. I finally got around to really checking into this after I got a 3rd notice!! Now one or even 2 I can see but 3? I pay bills online through my banks website. I noticed that for some reason all the December bills I paid for my mother on her account was being taken out of our account. OK, no big deal I took the money out of Mom's account and put it into mine to cover her bills. Then just recently when checking my account I found that her bills again had been paid out of my account. Luckily there were only 2 bills and not big ones. I called the bank today and they told me that since my mother's account is linked to mine on the web page if I pay more than one or two bills at a time it automatically defaults to the primary account.. mine! How stupid is that.. and that's just what I told the customer service person. So, after each bill I need to pay for my mother I have to submit it then got back into bill pay and put in another bill etc. etc. Dumb what's the purpose of quick and easy bill paying at that rate. I can write out the whole lot in as much time. So, there is nothing I can do about that. Stupid!!!
OK back to work.

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